A compatibility table showing the available default system fonts across different mobile platforms

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Perhaps a more accurate description would be an incompatibility table. This shows the state of default system fonts across the most popular platforms. I put this together as a way of finding alternatives to certain webfonts when page weight starts to get too heavy.

Font iOS 6 Android 4.0 WP7.1/8 BlackBerry
Academy Engraved LET x
American Typewriter x
Andale Mono x
Apple Color Emoji x
AppleGothic Regular x
Apple SD Gothic Neo x
Arial x x x
Arial Black x
Arial Hebrew x
Arial Rounded MT Bold x
Arial Unicode MS x
Avenir x
Avenir Next x
Avenir Next Condensed x
Bangla Sangam MN x
Baskerville x
Batang x
BBAlpha Sans x
BBAlpha Sans Condensed x
BBAlpha Serif x
BBCCasual x
BBClarity x
BBCondensed x
BBGlobal Sans x
BBGlobal Serif x
BBMilbank x
BBMilbank Tall x
BBSansSerif x
BBSansSerifSquare x
BBSerifFixed x
Bodoni 72 x
Bodoni 72 Oldstyle x
Bodoni 72 Smallcaps x
Bodoni Ornaments x
Bradley Hand x
Chalkboard SE x
Chalkduster x
Calibri x
Cambria x
Cambria Math x
Candara x
Cochin x
Comic Sans MS x x
Consolas x
Constantia x
Copperplate x
Corbel x
Courier x
Courier New x x x
DB LCD Temp x
Devanagari Sangam MN x
Didot x
Droid Sans x
Droid Serif x
Droid Sans Mono x
Euphemia UCAS x
Futura x
Geeza Pro x
Georgia x x x
Gill Sans x
Gujarati Sangam MN x
Gurmukhi MN x
Heiti SC x
Heiti TC x
Helvetica x
Helvetica Neue x
Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN x
Hiragino Mincho ProN x
Hoefler Text x
Impact x
Kailasa x
Kannada Sangam MN x
Lucida Grande x
Lucida Sans Unicode x
Malayalam Sangam MN x
Marion x
Marker Felt x
Meiryo x
MS Gothic x
MS Mincho x
MS PGothic x
MS PMincho x
Noteworthy x
Optima x
Oriya Sangam MN x
Palatino x
Papyrus x
Party LET x
PMingLiU x
Roboto x
Segoe UI x
SimSun x
Sinhala Sangam MN x
Snell Roundhand x
Symbol x x
Tahoma x x
Tamil Sangam MN x
Telugu Sangam MN x
Thonburi x
Times New Roman x x x
Trebuchet MS x x x
Verdana x x x
Wingdings x
Wingdings 2 x
Wingdings 3 x
Zapf Dingbats x
Zapfino x

Notes and Resources

Android fonts from versions 1.6 and up except Roboto which exists on version 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich and up (ht — Stu Robson).
Windows 7/8 fonts updated from Windows Phone Dev Center
iOS fonts gathered from http://iosfonts.com/, Android fonts gathered after numerous fruitless searches, Windows Phone fonts mainly from MSDN
BlackBerry fonts from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry_OS#BlackBerry_Fonts
Where is Opera Mini you ask? It only serves one native sans-serif system font.
If any of the information above is incorrect or out of date — GitHub.

A resource by Jordan Moore. Make it better on GitHub

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